The answer came over a decade ago by watching an animal communicator on television.  But how would one learn this?  Is it a gift for only a few?  Again, many years passed.  Then events led Karen to partake in
learning mental telepathy to communicate with the animals.
What fun and excitement it would be to finally hear the family dog, Foxx.  What would he want to talk about?  Foxx is an all white Siberian Husky with blue eyes.  He was four years old and a bundle of shedding fur.  
What Karen thought would be a fun way to personally telepathy with Foxx was not what he had in mind.  He conveyed the message of the beginning of our journey together "to walk as one".  With the initial
conversation with Foxx began the start of Karen doing animal commnunication to help others know what their animals were thinking.
Animal communicators understand animals with different levels of ability and in a variety of ways individual to them.  Karen receives mental pictures, hears the sounds of their words and feels their mood or discomfort
during telepathy with live or deceased animals.  Karen has professionally been hearing the animals and creating joy for people and their animals for the past ten years.

Karen has been featured in books, newspapers, magazine articles (domestic & international), radio and television.  She is the first in the world to offer an animal communication basic course called THOUGHT TALK in
a northeast Horse and Pet Expo 2010.
about me
Animals have always been a part of Karen's family life, growing up and with a family of her own.  Karen
believed that animals use cognitive thought, problem-solving and intuitive abilities with humans, other animals
and their surroundings.  With her background as a registered nurse in medical and psychiatric hospitals, she
used the tools of observation to understand the variety of ways that animals outwardly communicated with
behavior and with each other.  She questioned that there might be something more involved in the
communication process and how it could be accessed was a major question.
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