Professional life started in Wisconsin for Karen.  At sixteen she established two studios to teach the art of dance.

Karen is a registered nurse having worked in med-surg and psychiatric hospitals.  She expanded her abilities to include that of a Certified Hypnotherapist and is certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).  Her specialty is in past, current, interlife and future hypnosis including Soul Release, Akashic Records and Rainbow Healing (relationship).  As a Reiki Master - Teacher, Karen uses hypnosis in conjunction with holographic energy healing to empower the mind, body and spirit connection in energy healing.  The "Chosen Many" who help Karen with God's healing are Yeshua, Joshua, James, John, Ching, St. Pio, White Hawk, Bruno Groning,  H.P. Blavatsky...and many more.

Karen is known internationally as a professional animal communicator.  The animals led Karen to do shamanic work.  St. Francis of Assisi is present during animal communication workshops

Karen is one of twelve disciples chosen by God to follow His Son, Yeshua.  Called into the desert in May of 2003, she committed to God for His Son.  Upon the commitment, God gave her the Nine Gifts of Discernment.  John the Baptist told her, "As I have opened the  path for Him to come, you are to open the path for Him to come again.".  She is to create a Sacred Garden for Yeshua and His Mother to welcome the masses.  She is to spread the word around the world of His Second Coming.  Yeshua will be seen to her right and the Blessed Mother to her left.  Those with spiritual eyes have already seen Mother walk alongside of Karen.  About 2000 years ago, Maria, Mariamene and Salome/Miriam walked with Yeshua.  Karen was the "Third Mary" at the cross

"I AM SO PLEASED!", were the words that filled every particle of the room where karen sat.  The warmest loving voice filled her ears.  It was God who spoke to her audibly while  she was drawing plans for a building, in the shape of a cross, for the Sacred Garden.  "Do  it again!  Just one more time before I die, that I may hear your voice again.", was her  heartfelt plea

The Holy Mother has blessed and crowned Karen saying, "All with spiritual eyes will know that you have been blessed by me.".  She has also received blessings from Jeshua, John of  God from Brazil, Black Hawk and the Grandfathers of All Nations.  During the blessing  from Black Hawk she spoke in tongue for the first time.  With the blessing from John of  God the essence of the Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara, is present within Karen

God blessed Karen in chosing her for the Circle of Seven.  Seven Holy persons chosen by God for this earth.  Her spirit guides are Andrea, St. Anthony of Padua, and the Chosen Many.  Archangel Uriel accompanies her with countless spirit guides, angels, and animal  spirits.  She walks with staff as directed by God to present her as a Holy person.  Those with spiritual eyes witness Karen's crown of stars and her gold and lavender halo

A prayer request came from a friend that was Catholic.  Karen prayed the rosary in Latin with Pope John Paul II. She felt the need to open her eyes, looking down she noticed a  dense white mist above her lap.  As with many unusual events this was just another one to  experience.  She closed her eyes again only to re-open them to notice that the white mist  was coming from her nose and mouth as she said the rosary.  After completing the rosary,  Karen asked the "Chosen Many" what the white mist was.  Thomas responded that it was rare for anyone to see this as it was the Holy Spirit.  A miracle is God's gift and what a gift  it was!  She felt very honored and blessed

Portrait sculptures of spiritual people are channeled to Karen from Michelagnelo.  Completed to date are Titus, Abraham, Elijah, Sarah, Joseph of Arimathea, Joshua, Moses and Aristotle.  Forty sculptures are to be channeled including Yeshua and His Mother.  Michelangelo has told Karen that she will be painting a mural channeled by him on the wall in the Epiphany building for Jeshua in the Sacred Garden

As an ordained interfaith minister, Karen offers ceremonies for all seasons; traditional, contemporary, and spiritual.  Serving Life, Karen provides service in healing energy,  animal communication, hypnotherapy, channeling loved ones.  Karen telepathically connects with people from unborn to adult.  She offers sessions with the autistic, Down Syndrome, Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children.   The speech and hearing impaired due to physical disease, disability, congenital  abnormality, the vented patient, comatose and the transitioning individual
(and much more).  Spiritual sessions are channeled by higher light beings David and Sarah.  Karen is the voice for people or  animals - heartbeat or  spirit.

Divine Heart, an interfaith church, is being established in Pennsylvania.  Divine Heart is an invitation to experience the quiet beauty and spirit of nature around and in us.  A celebration of spiritual faith and unity nurtures each individual in seeking inner truth and wisdom, the spiritual expression of who you are now.  To live in harmony with the All That cherish the oneness of joy, love, compassion, hope and peace.  Revs. Karen and Henry are graduate and ordained interfaith ministers affiliated with Circle of Miracles Ministry  - New Britain, PA 18901.  They provide standard and personalized ritual ceremonies...weddings, commitment, anniversary, baptism, naming, transistioning, funeral, life celebration, and location blessings.

Karen has been featured in books, television, radio, newspaper and magazine articles (domestic and international).  She is the first in the world to offer an animal communication basic course at the northeast largest Horse and Pet Expo 2010. 
...KAREN KOBER  215.412.7820 DUBLIN, PA 18917-1090

In December 2006 my friend was in ICU.  He had a vent tube in his mouth and was unable to speak.  His family came for his birthday.  My friend was aware and  could hear what his family said but was unable to speak to them because of the vent tube.  I telepathically communicated with him and he was able to converse with his family. 
   God told me my friend would cross the next morning and he did.  I was very grateful for the experience of the love given between my friend and his family for that last conversation.
   In January of 2007 I telepathed for another friend and his family in ICU. I told God that I did not need the third synchronicity for I would do the work.  I got the message and my life changed.

"We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra in which each living
instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious
playing of the whole."
from Kinship with All Life
                  by J. Allen Boone

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